Value Added Services

National-Precision offers a wide range of value added services that will streamline your purchasing and supply chain operations. These services can lower your purchasing, receiving, and accounting costs drastically while allowing your employees to concentrate on more important job functions. Whether your company uses an MRP, Kan Ban, or Just-In-Time system, National-Precision. can integrate a value added program to save your company time and money. Most importantly, we understand that your needs are specific to your organization and we tailor our programs to meet your unique requirements. By deriving your program from one of the below programs or generating an original one, National-Precision will establish a value added program that works for you. Call your local sales office for more details about setting up a value added service with your company.

Auto Replenishment Services

National-Precision can design an Auto Replenishment Program tailored to your needs, or participate in any existing system you might have. Auto Replenishment Systems are designed to "pull" parts to the production floor based on the actual usage of the parts. Stock levels are monitored by the customer or National-Precision, either physically or through a file sharing/bar-coding system, and the stock is replenished as it is being used.

Typical Auto Replenishment Services include:

  • Kanban
  • Bin Stocking
  • V.M.I.
  • MRP monitoring

Inventory Management Services

National-Precision also has designed and implemented several Inventory Management Services for our customers. Each service is designed to reduce the cost of purchasing, handling, and carrying inventory while ensuring the inventory you need is available when you need it. These services can work in conjunction with an Auto Replenishment Service or as a stand alone service. Some of the more common Inventory Management Services include:

  • Dock To Stock
  • Bar Coding
  • Off Site Bins
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Kitting

Other Value Added Service

As our customers' primary source for components and fasteners, we have to adapt to our customers' diverse needs. In doing so, we have developed the ability to perform just about any service our customers require, either independently or through a wide range of third party partners. Some of the services National-Precision can provide include:

  • Cable Assembly
  • Part Modification
  • Special Labeling and Packaging
  • Electronic File Sharing/EDI